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Working on The Bar Chapter 2

2016-04-13 22:23:04 by Gharrot

Just letting you know that thanks to your support on the first chapter I started working on the second a few weeks ago. Progress is at kind of a weird spot right now. I've coded out about 60% of my original plan for chapter 2, but I've been thinking about scrapping the first 30% for something better and the last 40% is starting to look more like another 60%.

Anyways, thanks again for the support on the first chapter. I'll be done all of my tougher exams this weekend so I'll be back to working on it pretty much full-time until the end of school. I hope to have the code/writing done by the end of April, so expect it to come out early May. Please yell at me if it doesn't.


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2016-04-15 22:10:23

Oh Im gonna yell at you so loud...

Just kidding, excited for Chapter 2!


2016-04-30 18:50:37

I really enjoyed the first one! I'm not trying to rush you, I'm just letting you know I'm here to cheer you on!